Our tools leverage the wired and wireless network protocols.

Wireless devices go through two different processes attempting to connect to local Wireless Access Points (WAPs). Your wireless devices, such as your mobile phone, may passively listen for WAPs that are broadcasting their availability, or actively send out Probe Request packets seeking new or previously known WAPs to connect to.


Our tools expedite current and ongoing geographic location data.

As your wireless devices are probing for a WAPs every 2-3 seconds, they are exposing your Media Access Control (MAC) address, the unique identifier assigned to your wireless devices' Network Interface Card (NIC). MAC addresses are used as a network address for most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernet and WiFi.


Our tools provide the visual means to observe individual movements.

With your unique MAC address broadcasted within range of any collecting antennas, your presence is made known. Your movements from out-of-range to in-range of the antenna makes it easy to track you. Over a period of time, your movements can be mapped. Adding your broadcasted Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs), your identity becomes clearer.


Our tools access the unprotected data left by mobile devices.

The passive listening that your wireless device is doing is anonymous. Nothing personal is transmitted from your NIC. However, when it actively sends out a probe request, it also broadcasts your MAC address and any previously known or previously connected SSIDs. This helps refine your identity.

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